How to Check The Amount of Battery You Have Left On AirTag’s and Replace Battery

Disclosed in April this year, the Apple AirTag highlights a one-year client replaceable CR2032 battery. That implies you don’t have to stress over charging your gadget tracker for near a year. In view of the amount you utilize certain highlights like Precision Finding, the battery life length may fluctuate. Hence, it is smarter to check your AirTag’s battery life so you would realize when is the correct opportunity to go for a substitution. Thus, in this article, you will figure out how to check the battery life of an AirTag and supplant the battery if necessary.

How to Check The Amount of Battery You Have Left On AirTag's and Replace Battery

Check AirTag’s Battery Life and Replace the Battery

On account of the Find My application, it’s quite simple to monitor AirTag’s battery and discover how long it might last. Also, in the event that you track down the standard CR2032 battery coming up short on power or going to kick the bucket, you can supplant it easily. You can purchase the 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries from any pharmacy or huge box retailer.

How to Check Apple AirTag’s Battery Life

  1. Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, tap on the Items tab at the bottom.
  3. Next, tap on the name of the AirTag whose battery you want to check.
  4. Next up, you should see the battery life under the AirTag’s name.

Despite the fact that the battery symbol doesn’t show a particular rate, it gives you a reasonable thought regarding how much battery is left. As it’s quite like the battery symbol on the iPhone, you can know when the AirTag’s battery life is finished and you need to purchase another one.

How to Replace Apple AirTag’s Battery

Before trying to replace the battery of the AirTag, make sure to remove the item tracker from its case or accessory.

⦁ First off, flip your AirTag. Make sure the white side faces down, and the stainless steel side is up (towards you).
⦁ Now, use your two fingers to push in and twist counter-clockwise on the steel side. After that, remove the old CR2032 battery and replace it with a new battery with the “+” sign facing up. Next up, place the stainless steel cover back on by twisting it clockwise.

Check Your AirTag’s Battery and Replace Easily

It’s as simple as that! Since you know to watch out for the AirTag’s battery life, capitalize on it to guarantee the thing tracker never runs out of juice startlingly. As laid out over, it’s additionally lovely simple to supplant the battery with another one. Since most pharmacies or retailers sell 3-Volt lithium coin cell batteries, purchasing another one shouldn’t be serious.

Presently, the cycle to eliminate the AirTag battery will likewise prove to be useful on the off chance that you track down an obscure AirTag on you.

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