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Snapchat has presented a computerized egg hunt during the Easter weekend for individuals who are adhered inside because of the continuous Covid pandemic. it is a Snap Map-based game for the Snapchat people group that urges them to find virtual eggs that are covered up across world-acclaimed tourist spots inside the application’s area following Snap Map include.

How to Check Your Ranking On Snapchat Egg Hunt 2021 Globally

How to play Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt?

To play the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt on your mobile phone, open the Snapchat application and swipe down on the Camera screen to get to the Snap Map. Presently, look for close to world-well known tourist spots everywhere on the world to discover these eggs. As you discover the eggs, you can tap on them to add them to your bushel. As you keep on gathering the eggs, your all out scores will be counted in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Snapchat Egg Hunt leaderboard

Whenever you are finished gathering eggs, you can tap on the score button on the Snap Map or Egg Hunt Lens to see the leaderboard. This will show you where you rank among your companions and individual Snapchat clients internationally; be that as it may, you don’t get any prizes or compensations for driving the scores.

Snapchat has likewise added a Ghost Mode for users who don’t wish to show up on the leaderboard while concealing their egg chasing movement from companions. The element can be empowered from the Snap Map under Settings.

How to win Snapchat Egg Hunt?

There are sure areas of interest on the guide that offer a great deal of Easter eggs to help count your score without investing a lot of energy playing the game. Armenia, France, Luxemburg, and the areas among Colombia and Mexico are a portion of the areas that are known to have huge loads of Easter eggs. Additionally, when you are low on scores, you can look for a bin on the guide that will get you an egg treats machine to appropriate more eggs.

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