How to Delete Apps Completely on Your Samsung Smart TV

How to Delete Apps Completely on Your Samsung Smart TV – it’s great to have installed apps on your Samsung smart TV so you don’t have to use other devices all the time. Getting your home screen cluttered with apps doesn’t seem nice. You can also run short of space in if want to get new ones installed.

Fortunately, it’s very easy uninstall apps from your Samsung smart TV. We’ll show you how it’s done.

How to Delete Apps Completely on Your Samsung Smart TV

How to Delete Apps from a Samsung Smart TV

 To get the apps deleted from your Samsung TV, click the Home button on remote and scroll to the left side of the menu, where the Apps entry is located.  Click on it to open the main Apps store. Next, select the Gear icon in the top-right to open the Settings page. This shows a list of all the apps installed on your TV. Underneath each one, there’s a scrolling menu.

To remove an app from your Samsung TV, simply press Delete underneath the app you want to get rid of, then confirm the operation.

You’ll find the Available space in the top-right bar increase once it’s gone. Unfortunately, you can’t uninstall all apps from your Samsung TV. Some preinstalled apps, such as Netflix and Hulu, have the Delete option grayed out, so you’ll have to keep them around.

 How to Remove Apps on Your Samsung TV Home Screen

If you find it difficult to uninstall an app, you can still hide it from your home screen without deleting it. To get it done, press Home on your remote, then navigate to the app shortcut you want to remove. Click on Down to reveal a menu below the app, then select Remove.  A confirmation window will appear; select Remove again to take the app off your home screen.

 Remove Unwanted Apps from Your Samsung TV

You can always add apps back by visiting Settings as mentioned earlier and choosing Add to Home from the menu under the app. However, if you run out of space and decided it’s time to change you TV, there are plenty of amazing stuff you can get out there.

Meanwhile, you can remove all apps, you now know to uninstall unwanted apps from a Samsung smart TV.

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