How to Locate Lost AirPods With an Android Phone

AirPods, similar to any remote earphone, are little, costly, and simple to lose. iOS users can utilize the Find My application to discover them, yet Android clients have less choices. Be that as it may, there are still approaches to track down a lost AirPod or pair of AirPods with an Android gadget.

Here are three different ways of discovering lost AirPods for Android users.

How to Locate Lost AirPods With an Android Phone

Use Your Phone as a Radar

On the off chance that you have one AirPod, and know where you lost the other, you can limit the inquiry region further with your phone. Utilize the associations menu to look for close by Bluetooth gadgets.

Go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth and utilize the AirPod you do need to place the missing one in Pairing Mode. Your telephone will start to look for it. At the point when your telephone associates, will realize that you are inside 30 feet of the lost AirPod.

You should ensure that your AirPods’ batteries are charged. This strategy works for any remote earphones that utilization Bluetooth. You will not have the option to enact blending mode if the two earphones are missing, however.

Use the Wunderfind App

Wunderfind is an application that has practical experience in finding lost earphones. It shows you that you are so near the lost gadget as you move around. It deals with any remote earphones, not simply AirPods.

Since it utilizes Bluetooth discovery, Wunderfind needs at any rate one earphone to work. While it searches, it gives you a visual guide to follow. For an expense, you can even make your lost AirPod or other remote earphone play a sound.

Use the Apple “Find My” Service

One of the disadvantages to utilizing AirPods with an Android is that you can’t use the Find My application on an Android telephone. However, on the off chance that your AirPods are likewise matched to another Apple gadget, like a MacBook or iPad, you can in any case go to Apple and use Find My.

This works regardless of whether you just utilize your AirPods with your Android. In the event that they were at any point set up on the Find My administration, you can in any case utilize it to discover them later.

Discover My will show your gadget on a guide. You can likewise make your AirPods play a sound, making them simpler to find. You can even utilize it in the event that you’re missing both AirPods.

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