How to Make Money on Earners FX



*What Earners FX offer

*How to register on Earners FX

*How Earners FX works

*How to deposit or withdraw


How to Make Money on Earners FX


Earners FX is a forex trading solution built for any individual with a relatively small capital to invest in forex and make a nice income. It also incites social media account of a business individual by providing real traffic to lift their businesses.

What Earners FX Offer

Interested capital investors are able to invest as low as NGN1,500 for a start and earn up to the total sum of NGN13,500 after little activities in one month. As a business owner, Earners FX offers a series of events on social media to help boost your services across the globe, they include;

•Facebook — Post likes, post comments, page and group followers etc.

•YouTube — enhanced subscribers, comments, views, and lots more

•Telegram — channels and group subscribers

•WhatsApp — product uploads

•Twitter — followers, retweets, likes and links

•Instagram — followers, post shares and comments.

Earners FX users can earn extra income of NGN1,000 or more daily when they participate in several tasks such as;

a) daily login bonus

b) watching videos Ads

c) downloading paid app

d) Facebook task

e) YouTube task

f) WhatsApp task

g) Telegram task

h) Instagram task

I) Raffle draws and lots more.

How to Register on Earners FX

1) download Earners FX android app

2) after installation, open the app and fill in your details correctly

3) fill in your referral code

4) after purchasing your EFX, open your app, and click on the respective plan of your choice.

How Earners FX work

Earners FX provides several investment plans;

1) Gold —NGN5,000 in 14 days (85% ROI)

2) Diamond —NGN10, 000 in 14 days (100% ROI)

3) Platinum —NGN20, 000 in 30 days (120% ROI)

4) Titanium —NGN50, 000 in 30 days (150% ROI)

When you buy the gold plan, after 14 days you get NGN9, 250 returns and if you earn NGN 4,000 from bonus activities, that results in NGN 13,250 after 14days.

When you buy the diamond plan, after 14 days, you get NGN 20,000 returns and if you earn NGN4, 000 from bonus activities, that results in NGN24, 000 after 14 days.

When you buy the platinum plan, after 30 days, you get NGN 44,000 returns and if you earn NGN10, 000 from bonus activities, that results in NGN54, 000 after 30 days

When you buy the titanium plan, after 14 days you get NGN 125,000 returns and if you earn NGN10, 000 from bonus activities, it results in NGN135, 000 after 30 days.

Earnings can be withdrawn at any time.

The minimum withdrawal amount is NGN5, 000

The maximum withdrawal amount is NGN99, 999.

Referral bonuses are also given as follows;

Gold — NGN1, 200

Diamond — NGN1, 500

Platinum — NGN3, 000

Titanium —NGN5, 000

To transfer your bonus to your balance, click on the dollar icons on the top right corner of the ‘share and earn’ page.

Note: Referral bonus can only be added to the available balance once it exceeds NGN1, 000

How to Deposit or Withdraw

Earners FX accepts; Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, and dogecoin. Earners FX do not accept fiat currency, they trade only with digital currency.


Earners FX has been up and running for over 4 months now. Although the owner of the platform is yet to be discovered which seems to be a red flag but the smooth sailing since it was launched is a prove of its legitimacy. It is often said that risk-takers are success achievers but when taking risks, take it wisely. It is advisable to always be conscious of investing what you cannot offer to lose in case the unexpected happens.

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