How to Receive Money From US in India With Google Pay

Google Pay as of late began supporting payments from the US to India. Basically this means you would now be able to send cash to your companions and family members in India straightforwardly through Google Pay, which should make the cycle significantly simpler. In this way, in case you’re hoping to send cash to somebody in India from your Google Pay US account, here is the manner by which to get cash from US in India utilizing Google Pay.

Send Money from US to India with Google Pay

Here is what you need to do in order to send money from US to India with Google Pay:

  • Select the person you want to send the money to, and tap on ‘Pay’.
  • Next, select either Western Union, or Wise. These are the two installment organizations that Google has collaborated with for this component, so you should utilize them for sending cash to another country.
  • Once you’re finished, you can simply enter the amount you want to send, and follow the steps on-screen to complete payment.

Google Pay vs PayPal

PayPal is perhaps the most famous approaches to send cash between nations. The platform offers simple approaches to send cash dependent on current market trade rates, and payments are typically fast. So it’s conceivable that you’re puzzling over whether you should utilize PayPal or Google Pay for sending cash from US to India. Allow me just to layout some vital contrasts between how PayPal functions versus how Google Pay functions, so you can go to a superior, educated choice.

  • Transfer Speeds and Accounts

Google Pay and PayPal both gloat of practically moment tranfers. Be that as it may, while Google Pay just uses your telephone number, PayPal requires a record for both the sender and the collector.

In any case, there’s a higher possibility that the individual you need to get cash from has a Google Pay account.

  • Transaction Fees

Clearly, as an installment administration you’d anticipate that such international transfers should have a few charges close by.

As indicated by PayPal’s expense adding machine for sending cash to India, in the event that you need to send $500, the charge charged will be anyplace between $4.99 (if installment is made through PayPal balance) as far as possible up to $15.49 (for charge and Visa installments). That is a ton of additional batter to dish out.

Note: The expenses changes dependent on the sum you’re sending. For high worth exchanges, for example, $1000, PayPal shows $0.00 charges for installments through PayPal surplus or financial balance, however $30.49 for installments made by means of Credit and Debit cards.

Then again, Google Pay is without offering exchanges from today till June 16 for new clients sending up to $500. Clearly after June 16, you should begin paying exchange charges.

That is the place where things will get confounded, on the grounds that Wise has a lot higher charges. As indicated by its exchange expense mini-computer, in the event that you need to send $500 to India, Wise will charge $8.86 as charges; double that of PayPal’s.

In any case, at any rate until June 16, I’d suggest you exploit the free assistance that Google Pay is offering, and afterward you can single out which at any point administration you need to keep utilizing. In the case of nothing else, it will wind up saving you on exchange costs till June 16.

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