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Have you ever tried sharing your Outlook Contacts and it seems impossible? Don’t worry, I am here with a solution for you. Outlook makes it pretty easy for Outlook users to share contacts. If you work in a company or firm having a large number of workers, Outlook is one function that enables you to share and synchronize your contacts.

Outlook Contacts

At some time in work, staffs may need a database containing the contacts of clients or even staffs in the organization. This is one thing Outlook helps you do with ease. Your contacts can be shared with one, two or more individuals. This implies that the individual with which you share your contacts will have explicit access to these contacts. The Outlook program is one very vital feature in the Microsoft package.

Outlook Contacts

As a program, Outlook helps its users do quite a lot when it comes to your Outlook contacts. For its contact functions, this program can help users do the following:

  • Access email offline
  • Group contacts
  • Import contacts
  • Export contacts
  • Send emails

The advantage which Outlook gives compared to some other service is that it helps users share their contacts all at once instead of sharing them one after the other.

Steps by Step Process on How to Share Outlook Contacts

To share your Outlook contacts simply follow these steps:

  • After launching the program, tap on the Home Icon
  • Click on “Share Contacts” in the share group
  • Input the recipient in the TO box (individuals you wish to share your contacts with)
  • Select “Request permission to view recipient’s contact folder” to access the recipient’s folder
  • You can choose to add a message with the contacts you want to share
  • Click “Send”
  • Meticulously verify what you want to share in your confirmation box and tap “OK”

That is simply how you share your Outlook Contacts.

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