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Microsoft’s Cortana may have tragically missing the AI voice aide fight to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, however it actually stays a piece of Windows 10. So on the off chance that you don’t utilize Cortana at all and need to uninstall it from your Windows 10 PC, you have gone to the correct spot. Since today, we will tell you the best way to completely uninstall Microsoft Cortana from your Windows 10 PC utilizing a basic, one-venture measure.

How to Uninstall Cortana from Windows 10 - CLEANYLOVES

Uninstall Cortana from Windows 10 2021

In this article we will tell you the best way to totally uninstall Microsoft’s Cortana voice partner from Windows 10 utilizing PowerShell. Lamentably, you can’t uninstall Cortana from the Windows Settings or the Control Panel. We will likewise tell you the best way to reinstall it on your PC simply in the event that you have an adjustment of psyche and need to offer it one more opportunity later on. So right away, how about we get moving.

Steps to Uninstall Cortana

⦁ To uninstall Cortana on your PC, you first need to open Windows PowerShell with administrator advantage. To do that, right-click on the Start button and select “Windows PowerShell (Admin)” from the spring up menu.

⦁ Now copy+paste the following command and hit Enter: Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.549981C3F5F10 | Remove-AppxPackage

That is it! You have effectively uninstalled Cortana from your Windows 10 PC. The application is currently away for great and won’t appear in the errand administrator or when you look for it in the Windows Search bar. However, dread not, you can get it back on your PC any time you need.

Steps to Reinstall Cortana

The Cortana application is accessible to download on the Microsoft Store, which implies Windows 10 clients can reinstall it on their gadgets at whatever point they need. So later on, if Microsoft’s AI partner becomes significant once more, which is profoundly far fetched, or gets new highlights you need to test, simply jump over to the Microsoft Store and reinstall the application.

Remove Cortana Voice Assistant on Windows 10 PC

In spite of tenacious endeavors from Microsoft, Cortana has battled to stay up with its driving adversaries, including Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. Having neglected to make Cortana the go-to voice associate application notwithstanding the enormous client base for Windows, the Redmond goliath shut down Cortana on Android and iOS recently. Our instructional exercise presently tells you the best way to dispose of it even from your Windows PC. So go on, free your PC from Cortana and let us know your justification the uninstallation.

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