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There are a great deal of reasons why you should transfer a GIF to Instagram. They’re fun, innovative, and are an extraordinary method to communicate feelings or simply be ridiculous. Yet, how would you transfer them to Instagram?

In the event that you’ve attempted to transfer a GIF to Instagram previously, you may have discovered the process tricky, tedious, or even impossible.

This article will detail the bit by bit process of transferring a GIF to Instagram.

How to Upload GIFs to Instagram

Instagram doesn’t uphold direct transfers of GIFs. Attempting to transfer a GIF on Instagram in the customary transfer interface will change your GIF over to a still picture—which isn’t what you need.

There are various ways you can get around this. One is to physically change your GIF over to a video document prior to transferring it. While this is a shrewd workaround, it very well may be precarious for a few.

The most straightforward approach to transfer a GIF to Instagram is by utilizing GIPHY. Here’s a guide for doing as such…

How to Upload a GIF to Instagram Using GIPHY

GIPHY takes away the hassle of manually converting your GIFs to videos and offers a one-tap solution to turn your GIFs into MP4 files that you can upload directly to Instagram.

To upload a GIF on Instagram, you’ll need to download the GIPHY app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download: GIPHY for iOS | Android

How to Add the GIF to Your Instagram Feed or Story

The moment you have the GIPHY app, follow these steps below to apply a GIF to your Instagram Feed or Story:

  • Create an account or sign in to your GIPHY account.
  • Navigate to the GIF you want to post on Instagram. You can use the search bar to find GIFs of a particular theme.
  • Tap on the Share (paper plane) icon.
  • Select Instagram in the social sharing selection. This will automatically open Instagram.
  • Choose whether you want to add the GIF as a post to your Feed or as a Story.
  • GIPHY will automatically convert the GIF and you can post it.

Stand Out by Sharing Your First GIF on Instagram Today

GIFs are generally the fury nowadays and they’re digging in for the long haul. With these great short clasps, you can make your Instagram Feed more engaging by adding that additional punch.

Additionally, you will stand apart from the group, as numerous clients don’t know that they can share GIFs on Instagram. Flavor up your Instagram feed by transferring a GIF today.

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