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Money is usually sent from one place to another, from purchasing a good to paying for a service rendered to supporting a family member’s need to gifting a friend and so on. For these needs, people have been coming up with new ways that can make money transfer easier and one of them is Instant Money transfer app.

Instant Money Transfer App

Instant money transfer apps have made sending money to anyone worldwide easier, faster, convenient and more reliable than going to the bank to just send money. With these instant money transfer apps, all you need is your smartphone and you can send money to anyone in a matter of minutes.

Instant Money Transfer Apps

With a good money transfer app, a lot of problems we face now will be solved. Debts will be paid much easier and business deals smoothly. Most of these apps work on both android and iOS and are very credible, fast, safe and secure. So, I’ll show you some of the top apps to serve this purpose.

  1. PayPal: PayPal is one of the oldest and the most chosen method of sending money across. It is very efficient and capable of also going international.  To transfer money on PayPal, both the sender and receiver must have a PayPal account and a transaction fee is taken according to different transactions
  2. Western Union: Many of us would have heard of this one. Western Union can allow transfer to many countries around the globe fast either as bank transfer or debit and credit card payment. It is also available on both android and iOS phones. The charging fee is quite fair compared to some of its kind.
  3. Google Pay: As the name implies, it was designed by Google and can allow the transfer of money anywhere in the US. The user interface is very friendly and the app is easy to use. You also have the ability to use your fingerprint to verify your transfer saving a whole lot of time and also increase security.
  4. Apple Pay: Apple pay is restricted for only iOS users in selected countries, so if you have your iPhone or iPad, you can take advantage of apple pay. You do not need to use any third party of any kind. As far as you have the person in your contact list, you are good to go, all you have to do is to verify your transfer.

These are some of the top apps to transfer money online. All of them have been proven to be awesome but when choosing the one you will use, keep in mind criteria like your geographical location, the speed of the transfer, the transaction fee to be charged from you and very important the one with a good customer feedback.

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