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Integrated Marketing is a procedure for establishing a consolidated and consistent understanding for consumers to relate with the enterprise. It endeavors to blend all prospects of marketing communication which includes direct marketing, sales promotion, social media, public relations, and advertising, through their corresponding mix of methods, media, activities, strategy, and channels, in order that all work put together as a consolidated force. This is a means created to make sure that all communications and messaging tactics are constant beyond all channels and are focused on the customer.

In other words, integration ends at synchronizing beyond individual digital channels.

Integrated Marketing

Reasons to Integrate Marketing Channels

Different marketing channels have dissimilar weaknesses and strengths, and also dissimilar types of content appropriate for different channels. So instead of attempting to integrate all channels at once why not play to each individual channel’s strengths and design marketing for that channel particularly?

The reply to this is most customers don’t really care to pay enough attention to every one of your different messages, and by not making use of a good communications strategy to elaborate your brand, your message will easily be lost in the steady stream of content that every consumer is based on every day.

How to Know a Successful Integrated Marketing

A very good integrated marketing has more to it than just having the same brand colors, slogan and identity broadcasted all over every marketing channel. It blends a logical story via most things the brand is into.

A great example of a successful integrated marketing campaign is Coke’s ‘share a coke with’ campaign, which made use of consolidated messaging all over Social media, TV, Outdoor and Display that lead to a 7% boost in the consumption of Coke by the target demographic, which made it one of the best Coke campaigns of all time. 

How to Create a Good Integrated Marketing Strategy

To flourishingly integrate your marketing in order for all channels to be pulled in the same direction, you will need to design all customer touchpoints with your brand all over the customer lifecycle. This allows you to create a list of channels you will be required to integrate and also join with the same messaging.

Joining your messaging all over all kinds of content marketing is also very important, as long as the various content type is not unified with the general brand. You need to also know the types of content you can use and even create a checklist of mediums that you will need to confirm that the messages are aligned across.

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