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The local way of transferring money by going to the bank and sending money is changing very fast. Now, we do not even need to leave our homes or offices and transfer money to someone in another country. Yes! Another country just with an app on our phone. All we need is our smartphone to send money internationally.

International Money Transfer App

International money transfer apps make it easy, convenient and safe to transfer money to and fro anywhere around the globe. For some time now, this could not be done but with the introduction of these apps, doing these transfers has become much easier saving time and effort. Anyways, let me show you some of these apps.

International Money Transfer Apps

Below are some of the best apps used to transfer money internationally. Most of them are available on both android and iOS devices and could be set up in very easy steps. All of them have their own peculiarity which makes them preferred to the other but it should be noted that this list is not ranked since all of them in the list have been confirmed good.

  1. PayPal:  PayPal provides a safe means of transferring money to anybody across. Sending money on PayPal may attract additional charges when you transfer money internationally but they have proven to be very secure when sending funds across. It should be noted that both the sender and the receiver must have a PayPal account.
  2. Transfer Wise: Although transfer wise is limited in the sense that the receiver can only be based in India, transfer wise is the most popular fast, safe and reliable international app for only just a little sum of money as fee charge. About 59 countries can send money across with Transfer wise.
  3. InstaReM: InstaReM allows you to transfer money to many countries like the USA, Australia and so on. InstaReM transfer can be done by wire transfer, bank transfer or electronic funds transfer.  Also, they allow debit card in EU, local bank transfer in the USA, different options for you to transfer money.
  4. MoneyGram: MoneyGram is also very popular, and known to be very quick when compared to the other options. MoneyGram can be done anywhere online to anyone either by bank transfer method or by credit or debit card. The service fee they charge is based on the payment criteria and the receiving option.

Now you know some of the different apps used to transfer money internationally, you can make your choice based on some criteria like the most convenient for you, the cost of transferring money, also put in mind your geographical location,  then you would need one with good transfer speed and finally one with good customer services.

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