Make Your Music Go Viral with Shazam and Tidal | Shazam and Tidal Review

Shazam and Tidal are widely successful global music and video streaming platforms that help bridge the gap between artists and fans through offline music, the online music streaming amongst other wonderful features. This fills in the gap between artists and fans creates a platform for artists to promote their music. And let it out to the whole world by releasing their songs to the already available large user base of music-loving members.

Make Your Music Go Viral with Shazam and Tidal

This can be seen as a great opportunity for the artist. And the effect of one’s music going viral is extremely possible. How you go about popularizing your song on both platforms is quite similar. All you have to do is upload your song to the catalog of songs in the platforms and wait for it to get downloaded by its members. And to make it more downloadable so as to make it go viral depends on the title of the song you give it and how good it is. A catchy title will do well over a banal one, and a good song is more likely to get recommended to others between members.


Shazam is one of the most popular music apps to stream music, watch music videos, find lyrics and do much more. In Shazam, you can Identify music with a single tap. If you hear a song playing and not sure what song it is, a feature on Shazam allows you to identify the song by tapping on the allocated icon in the app. Shazam also lets you sing along to songs with provided music lyrics. You can easily request the lyrics for any song of interest. And at the same time play and see the lyrics, which will help you sing along to it.

Shazam is great for streaming audio music but you can as well use it to watch music videos. Shazam also lets you preview songs and add them to Spotify playlists. Shazam Offline helps you Identify music even when you’re not connected to the internet. A lot of music tracks are available in Shazam and you can check out the recommended tracks to find the right music for you and to find new music in the genre of your choice.

Shazam is also linked with social media like Facebook for you to see what your friends are playing on Shazam when you link your Facebook account. And you can also share your music discoveries through a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest, amongst others. Shazam can be downloaded on playstore for Android users and Apple stores for iPhone users for free.


Tidal is another amazing music app and it shares similarities with Shazam. On Tidal you can stream any music of your choice by track, artist, or album. If you are in search of any particular song and not sure of its title, you can search for it via the categories listed. And like Shazam, tidal is free from ads. Tidal runs no annoying visual or audio ads. You can find and stream your favorite songs and discover new ones on TIDAL which comes with a very large music catalog.

Tidal can be used to stream and download music videos as well for offline watch at any later period in time. Tidal requires a subscription membership for using it. What’s great is that you get to use tidal for free for 30 days. That’s the duration for the free trial, and you can cancel your subscription any time for any reason if you wish to.

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