MariaDB Review – Benefits of MariaDB | Uses of MariaDB

MariaDB is a database platform that began life as the spin-off of MYSQL. The great value of the platform has turned it to become an interprise-grade database. An open-source analog to the journey taken by Microsoft SQL server, which had a similar design. It acquired new technology that extends its functions to small business sector. MariaDB is being used by organizations and large co-operations. Some organizations that uses MariaDB include Wikipedia, Google, Redhat, craigslist, and centOS.

MariaDB Review

MariaDB is an amazing and powerful database server created from MYSQL developers. Its broad range of applications that start from websites to Banking provides a platform for getting structured information from a given data. It Offers support to professional engineers who are experts in using both MYSQL and MariaDB. The platform is development with different methodology. This development is open to the public where new development decisions are reviewed through mailing list. It offers master-master and master-slave replication of data.

Benefits of MariaDB

  • Offers a measurable Database server with a completely grained ecosystem of plugins.
  • MariaDB provides a platform for SQL interface for easy Data accessing, processing and storage.
  • A powerful and amazing platform that provides a large binary data storage for easy storing of coordinates and querying of location data.
  • MariaDB provides a single database interface for SQL functioning.
  • Accessibility, scalability, replication, and functional architecture for MYSQL database.

Product Details

MariaDB made it up to their users by freeing the companies from the costs, complexity, and constraints of the proprietary database. Pluggable, MariaDB’s purpose-built storage engines support analytical or transactional use cases. Enterprise can actually depend on a single full database to meet up with all their basic needs, whether on a cloud of their choice or on commodity hardware.

Uses of MariaDB

MariaDB is being used for academic computing and research project, where a relational database is required. We used it in a tomcat environment, as it works perfectly in a web development environment using other programming languages such as PHP or python. MariaDB is powerful database and that power can be found in its command lines which makes data manipulation very easy most especially when SQL is not of proprietary nature. It is used in organizations, companies, and businesses to handle small size databases with non-mission critical applications. For business database analysis, it is used for information lookup and small-sized reporting. MariaDB is a primary database server for an internal business tool. It is used to store web services on microgrid control and weather data to analyze electricity consumption in the future.

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