Mass Email On Gmail: How To Send Bulk Emails With Gmail

There’s a question about whether it is possible to send mass email on Gmail. It is no doubt that every individual one way or the other, has asked this question before and the answer to this question lies within the confines of this article. In this article, not only will you know whether Gmail supports sending bulk emails, but you will also learn how to send bulk emails. This would be helpful to you as an individual, whether you are into mass messaging or not, one way or the other this will be useful as it will become a basic skill for individuals as time progresses.

How To Send Mass Email on Gmail

Mass Email On Gmail

Gmail also known as Google mail has become one of the most versatile email services used by many if not everyone and overtime, many updates have been featured on the Google mail service, one of which is the sending of emails to a large group of people otherwise known as bulk email. This is a very possible feature on the Google mail service and it has caught the attention of many as it is an amazing feature. This feature lets you send a number of emails to various contacts via the mail service.

 This feature helps save a lot of time, imagine having a task to send a certain group of people a particular mail and you then start sending them that same email individually, one by one, just imagine how tasking that could pan out to be but with the mass email feature on Gmail, you can save that precious time for something else.

How To Send Bulk Emails With Gmail

Sending bulk emails with Gmail is very easy, that is, if you know your way around the feature, and that’s why I’m here to show you with the following steps;

  • Login to your Gmail account if you don’t have one, do well to create one.
  • Next, click on the compose button on the left column.
  • Click on ‘to’ and then a menu with different options will pop up.
  • Select where you will send your messages to either my contacts or all contacts.
  • After selecting all the contacts you can also delete the ones that you don’t want.
  • After selecting and deleting, click on select.
  • Lastly, enter your subject and then your message content and then send.

It is quite important to note that there’s a limit to the amount of emails that can be sent, and the limit is 500 emails for 24 hours it can be in the form of, 1 email to 500 people or 5 emails to 100 people. That’s that for now, I hope you’ve learnt something valuable concerning emails.

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