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Microsoft exchange server is that software that makes it possible to manage your business’s mails, appointments, calendars, tasks and contacts information all at once. Microsoft exchange server comes in different packages. Each package with its own unique set of functions, each also requires the purchase of its license. You can choose to use Microsoft exchange as SaaS or you can buy its licensing rights and Install it on your server.

Microsoft Exchange

For companies that wish to use to use Microsoft Exchange for their IT infrastructure, they will have to buy the server license and then install the software to their hardware. When you use Microsoft exchange you should also have CAL (client access licenses), With these licenses, you can authorize a user, say an administrator to access all devices on the Microsoft exchange server or you can give a particular device access then, the device will be made available to all other users. It is important to know that Outlook is not included in client access licenses.

As part of the package, you also get cloud storage by Microsoft. Here, Microsoft exchange server will not be operating on your computer but instead, it will be hosted in Microsoft cloud. In order to access this, you must have subscribed to USL (user subscription license). With USL, you can use the Microsoft exchange server as a software as a service (SaaS) and also run things from your own data center at the same time.

You can also access the Microsoft Exchange server through a third-party provider. This requires working with a web hosting provider (as the third party provider) that have already purchased a license from Microsoft which gives it the right to charge. With this, end users can order the features of the exchange server in the form of an on-demand subscription plan.

Features of Microsoft exchange

Microsoft exchange comes with a lot of features, you will find some of its features in this article. Below are some of the features of Microsoft exchange server

  • With MS exchange, tasks such as calendars and management of delegates have been made the administration easier.
  • You can use MS Exchange on your mobile device with Outlook mobile. Outlook mobile is a very secure and reliable means to access MS Exchange.
  • MS Exchange makes better use of the available processor cores, storage, and memory also using a quick cognitive capacity to manage internal system resources. This helps to improve the performance of end-users.
  • Microsoft Exchange gives you the most reliable messaging infrastructure platform.

Finally, MS Exchange works with you to filter your important documents, which results in giving you a centered inbox that puts these important documents first, in order to help you get your work done faster.

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