Microsoft Store – How to Install Microsoft Store Step by Step

With the development of Windows 10, all Microsoft services came together to form a platform known as the Microsoft Store. Through the integration of all these services, a platform has been created for the distribution of music, games, videos, e-books, and other applications. Some of the contents on the Microsoft Store has a fixed price, while some may change from time to time, and others are free.

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft store formally called the Windows Store, is basically the same as the windows store, but there are some improvements and enhancements in the performance and appearance. Microsoft Store is a Microsoft digital distribution platform which originally began on the Windows 8 and Windows Server 12 devices, for the distribution of universal applications on the Windows platform.

How to install Microsoft Store

Some users prefer to access the MS Store through a web browser. Though you can also install it on your device. Previously, you could only install applications on your device through the MS Store, but now you can install Microsoft Store applications on your device. follow the procedure below on how to install the MS Store on your device

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet
  2. Open your web browser
  3. Go to Microsoft store web
  4. Click the menu icon (…)
  5. A list of menus will be displayed, click on install on my device
  6. Checkmark all the devices you want to install the app on
  7. Click on install now the click ok to confirm

Microsoft Store app will install on all your selected devices after the above steps have been done. With this method, you can install the Microsoft Store app on multiple devices at the same time, all you need to I just be patient for a while after clicking on ok.

Microsoft Store – Buy Apps on Microsoft Store

When an application you need is not available for free on MS Store, you will have no other option than to buy that app, without buying the app you won’t be able to install it, which means you cannot use the app. To buy apps on the MS Store, follow the procedure below

  1. Connect your device to an active data connection
  2. Launch the Microsoft Store app
  3. Use the search bar to search for the app you want to buy
  4. After you have seen the application you want to buy, click on buy

After successful payment and you have purchased the app, you can now Install it and use it for what you need if for.

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