Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 – Microsoft Surface laptop 2 spec | Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Review

Microsoft surface laptop 2 is not just a regular laptop but it is also your perfect companion as it helps you with all your side hustles. The eighth-generation Intel core processor that comes with Microsoft surface laptop 2 gives you the power to do whatever and you want whenever you want. It also gives time for Netflix and chill to feel relaxed at the end of the day’s work with about 14 and half hours of battery life.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Make a strong appearance while you go about your day with style with your slim and elegant looking Microsoft surface laptop 2 that can fit into your bag comfortably without any stress or effort, you can add to your look by choosing any of the rich tone colors. MS surface laptop 2 has a 13.5” touchscreen that accommodates all of your activities, be it quick or easy navigation or control for your work or for just sharing media with your friends.

MS surface laptop 2 comes with Windows 10 home and also some familiar features like Cortana intelligent assistant. There are also various colorful and sleek accessories that are designed to complete and bring perfection to your surface and style. You can use your face to sign in to your MS surface laptop 2 which is more secure than using passwords.

Microsoft surface laptop 2 spec

In case you have been in search of Microsoft surface laptop 2 specs you will find the specs of MS surface laptop 2 in the write up below.

  • 8Gb ram with 256Gb disk space
  • Intel UHD graphics 620 with a 13.5” screen and 2256 by 1504 resolution pixel sense display
  • WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1
  • USB 3.0 port, headphone and microphone jack, Surface Connect port and a mini display port.
  • 720pixels HD camera
  • 1.7Ghz icore.

That being said, MS surface laptop 2 comes with a quieter keyboard than previous brands and it can be said that MS surface laptop 2 has one of the quietest keyboards that you won’t ever hear your own typing no matter how silent your office environment may be.

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