MoneyGram to PayPal – How to Transfer from MoneyGram to PayPal

MoneyGram is one of the largest money transfer providers in the world, in fact, it is the second largest. Its network is expected and it has about 350,000 kiosks and locations in more than 200 countries. There is also a full range of receiving and payment options that include the delivery of cash and phone reloading in some markets. The process of transfer is quite fast when it comes to cash, but if you are dealing in bank transfer it might take from hours to days to be completed depending on where you are sending it to. Now a lot of people have been asking how to transfer form MoneyGram to PayPal and we are going to provide an answer to that in this article.

MoneyGram to PayPal

The services of MoneyGram is not free, there is a cost tagged to it, MoneyGram can be said to be one of the most expensive transfer providers. It has a minimum transfer fund of $1 and $100,000 being the maximum for both per online transfer and per month transfer. If the amount you want to send is more you should send it through a MoneyGram agent location. Destination also determines the minimum amount that can be transferred. To know how to transfer from MoneyGram to PayPal read further.

How to transfer from MoneyGram to PayPal

Though it might seem a bit impossible to transfer from MoneyGram to PayPal given that PayPal is not accepted as a payment option in MoneyGram. But there is a backdoor which you can pass through to make this possible. But you will need a PayPal debit card for this to work out. If you do not have one, you can apply for a debit card to be linked to your PayPal account and it will be ready within 4 to 6 workdays. Once you have your PayPal debit card follow the steps below to know how to transfer from MoneyGram to PayPal.

  1. Connect to the internet and launch your web browser.
  2. Log on to
  3. Choose the country, the method of receiving and the amount in Dollar. Click get started to proceed
  4. Click select for same day delivery. This is the only allowed method for debit cards or credit cards. The transfer fee will be displayed too.
  5. Fill in your username and password.
  6. Fill in all the forms on the next page and ensure that you imputed the details correctly to avoid any complications.
  7. Choose a master card as card type under payment method. Fill out your card details then click next to continue.
  8. Review the transaction then complete it.

You will be prompted to set up security information for the transfer of the money. This is to help secure the funds until it is picked up by the receiver.

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