Opay Agent App – How to Become an Opay Agent | Requirements to Become an Opay Agent

Opay is an online platform that is used for payment of goods, money transfer and payment of several services like electricity bill, airtime recharge and mobile data. It can also be used to pay for items ordered. You can become an Opay agent and earn money from Opay. Registration is free of charge and can be completed very fast and quickly. All you need to do is download the Opay agent app.

Opay Agent App

When you become an Opay agent you can make transactions for people and get paid for each transaction you make. You can also get a POS machine to use to make transactions for people. All you need is an Android device and the Opay agent app to become an Opay agent. Opay app is only available to Android users and it works perfectly on all Android devices.

Opay Agent App – How to Become an Opay Agent

As it is early written, the only requirement to become an Opay agent is your Android device and Opay agent app. During the registration process, you will be asked to submit some of your information and details. This process will not consume your time at all. You can follow the steps below to know how to become an Opay agent

  1. Activate your device mobile data
  2. Open Google play store
  3. Download and install Opay app
  4. Launch Opay
  5. Sign up with your mobile number, your full name, your state, and email address
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and tick the checkbox
  7. Click on sign up

After the above steps you will have to contact Opay on their support portal at support@opay.team after contacting them, they will put you through the complete registration process and a registration form will also be sent to you which will have to be filled completely.

Requirements to Become an Opay Agent

After the registration form has been sent to you, you will have to fill it out, but before filling it you should know all basic details and information required from you, the following all the requirements to become an Opay agent

  • Electricity bill
  • Current passport photograph
  • Your ID card or any other valid means of identification
  • Corporate affair commission document

Once you have the documents, you can proceed with your registration and if you do not have, then you should acquire them before proceeding with the registration.

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