Opay Bike App Download – Download Oride APK | How to Download Oride

It’s only after Opay bike app download you will be able to use the Opay bike app and all its features. Opay bike app known popularly as Oride app is free on Google playstore and apple store. That means you will not have to pay any fee to download and install the app. It is also free to set up, so the only payment you’ll be making is for the services you are receiving. That is the transportation fee.

Opay Bike App Download

Opay bike app download can be done in very easy steps and the app is compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices, unlike the main Opay app which is used for transactions and payments that is only designed for Android devices. Opay bike app also known as Oride app is from the same creators of Opay app, which means, Oride is a subsidiary of Opera software.

Opay Bike App Download – Download Oride APK

Android users do not really need to go to Google playstore for Opay bike app download as this can be done from their phone web browser by downloading the apk format. The apk format of oride is exactly the same as the one you download from Google play store. To download Oride APK follow the steps below

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet
  2. Open your web browser and go to any search engine
  3. In the search bar, type download Oride APK
  4. From the list of search results click on any and you’ll be taken to the page where you can download the app
  5. On the new page, scroll and look for the download button and click on it
  6. Confirm download

After the download is completed, you’ll have to install the app yourself. Your device may ask for permission to install applications from external sources. Click on accept so the apk file can install. Once the installation is complete you can now launch Oride app.

How to Download Oride

To be able to use Opay bike app you must surely know how to download Oride because, downloading an application is the first step in knowing how to use that application and all its services. Opay bike app download can be done on both Android and iPhone. You can use the following steps to know how to download Oride

  1. Connect your mobile device to the internet
  2. Open Google playstore or apple store, depending on which device you use
  3. Search for Oride and click on it to open its detail page
  4. From the details page click on install

Downloading will start immediately then after successful download, the app will install automatically without asking for any permission.

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