OPay Bike Ride – Opay Ride App | Oride App Download

Opay bike ride, popularly know to its users as Oride, is an app used to book bike rides from one location to another, just as Uber and taxify are used for cab rides. Oride is used to hail bikes to get your destination quickly and safely. Oride charges are very affordable. To get a bike ride on Oride you must firstly download oride app.

OPay Bike Ride

The oride app is from the same makers of Opay. Oride has a very user-friendly interface that makes the app very easy to use and navigate. The app can be gotten from Apple app store or Google play store, which means Opay bike ride is available to both iOS users and Android users. Getting the app on your device does not attract any charges.

OPay Ride App

It is only with Opay ride app you can book a bike ride with Opay bike ride. Opay ride app is available for Android devices and iOS devices. To get the app all you need to do is;

  1. Turn on your device mobile connection or connect your device to a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Launch Apple app store or Google play store for iOS users and Android users respectively
  3. Search for Oride using the search bar
  4. From the displayed search results tap on Oride
  5. Click on install

The app will download and install automatically then you can proceed to launch Opay ride app to start booking your bike rides at very affordable charges.

Opay App Download

Even if you have the Opay bike ride app and you want to use some of the features of Opay like paying bills or making transactions you will have to download Opay app. At the moment, Opay app is only available to Android devices, which means you can get the app from Google play store. Opay app download can be done in the following steps

  1. Activate your device mobile data
  2. Open Google play store
  3. With the search bar, search for Opay
  4. Click on Opay icon from the list of results displayed
  5. Opay app detail page will be opened, click on install

After you click on install, the app will firstly download than later install immediately download is completed. Opay and Oride are entirely different even though they are from the same maker, they offer different services.

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