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Opay is an online platform that can be used for different forms of transactions and online payments. Opay can be used to transfer funds to friends and family. You can also use Opay to buy airtime, recharge mobile data, pay for electricity bills and renew your subscription to GOTV, DSTV or startimes or any other type of cable of TV. If you have any issue with Opay you can contact Opay Customer Care Line.

Opay Customer Care Line

Opay is an application that is only available to Android users. It is free to download and install, that is, when you want to download it from Google play store you won’t be paying any fee. Opay is a very user-friendly application that makes payment and transaction very easy and fast. It also has a strong and secure security system which makes your transactions very safe and makes it impossible for hackers to interfere in your transactions. When using Opay and you encounter any problem you can report to Opay through Opay Customer Care Line.

How to Use Opay

Using Opay is very good, and it requires little time for whatever you want to use it for but if you are an iPhone user you won’t be able to use Opay app except if you have an Android device. To know how to use Opay you should firstly download Opay app and follow the steps below:

  1. Connect your device to an active internet
  2. Launch Opay app
  3. Once Opay is opened you can easily navigate through all the menus and perform any action you’d like to perform.

When using Opay and you encounter any problem or issue you can get to Opay by contacting their customer care line, though there might be a little delayed before you get a response or reply from Opay.

Download Opay App

You can download Opay app from Google play store or download the apk format from your web browser and install it. The steps below will show you how to download Opay app and install it;

  1. Activate your device data connection
  2. Launch the Google play store
  3. Tap the search bar
  4. Once the search bar is opened, type Opay in it then tap enter on your keyboard
  5. From the search results, tap on Opay (it is usually at the top of the list)
  6. The details page will be opened, in it, you’ll see the install button, click on it

Immediately you click on the install button download will start then installation will automatically follow after the download is complete. If Opay app is not working on your Android device you should try to contact Opay customer care line.

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