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Opay is an online platform created by the makers of Opera software. Opay is used for online cash transactions, payment of bills and other services. With Opay, you can recharge and top up your airtime, you can also buy mobile data and pay for your electricity bills, cable TV and other services, but to do any of these you must download and install the Opay app which is only available on Google play store, meaning this app is currently available to only Android users. Opera services also offer Opay recruitment.

OPAY Recruitement

Opay recruitment is an avenue for Nigerians looking for jobs to look for job opportunities and apply for jobs. Opay offers various categories of jobs in Nigeria. Applying for a job in Opay recruitment is very easy, all you need to do is search for the job you capable of handling, apply for it and go through some screenings and you might be selected.

OPAY Recruitment – Download OPAY

Opay recruitment is totally free of charge and has no hidden charges. You don’t necessarily need to download Opay to apply for Opay jobs but to be able to use the services which Opay offers you must download Opay app. Opay can be downloaded with the following steps.

  1. Activate your mobile data or connect to an active Wi-Fi
  2. Launch Google play
  3. Once in Google play store, tap the search bar and input Opay in it
  4. From the search results list, tap on Opay
  5. Click on install in the application detail page

After clicking on install, Opay will download and install automatically. Opay is yet to be available iOS devices.


Opay is an online app that is majorly for transactions of several calibers. Opay is very easy to learn how to use because it has a very easy to navigate and user-friendly interface. Opay can be used for the following

  • Making payments after online shopping.
  • Funds transfer
  • Airtime top-up and data subscription recharge
  • Payments for cable TV subscription

Opay also has other features like Opay wallet which can be used to save money and save another bonus. You can withdraw funds from your Opay wallet to your local bank account at any time. You can also add funds to your Opay wallet. There’s also Opay recruitment which empowers the youth with various job opportunities.

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