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Opay app also known as OperaPay is a money and lifestyle app that boasts of its high value security and easy accessibility. It is a digital/mobile wallet designed by opera for Android and IOS devices. It allows you to live a seamless, easy and comfort life with the touch of a button on your phone which in this case, serves as your mobile wallet.

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Features Of The Opay App

Opay is an app of diversity, meaning that with Opay, there are no limits with what you can achieve. The Opay app features ranges from getting a bike ride to ordering food via the app. With all these and many more embedded in the Opay platform, they will be discussed as follows;

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Hail A Motorcycle (ORide): With the Opay app you can hail a motorcycle to go where ever you want to go at a cheap and affordable rate and pay instantly from your Opay account/wallet. With the Opay app, if you refer a friend to use ORide, you get coupons to enjoy free rides with ORide.

Payment By Scanning (OPay QR): With Opay, you can pay and receive money by just scanning the OPay QR code without cash. It is very safe, convenient and free of charge. You get certain bonuses when you use OPay QR for transactions.

Mobile Data/Airtime: With Opay, the purchase of airtime and mobile data becomes seamless and free as you can purchase for yourself, family and friends

Send and Request Money (Transfer): With Opay, you can send and request money from other users of the app by using their mobile numbers. This is done by choosing from your contact directory or by typing in the number. All this is done for free.

Multiple Funding Options (Add Money):  Funding your wallet is so easy with Opay as you can fund from your bank app, by adding your cards, by app transfer or by agents.

Subscribe For Cable TV (TV): With Opay, you can pay for your television subscription (GOTV, DSTV and STARTIMES) and the beauty is they don’t charge any convenience fee.

Electricity Bill (Electricity): With Opay, you can pay for your prepaid electricity bill with no convenience fee attached.

Order Food (OFood): With Opay, you can order food from your favourite and best restaurants. You can get coupons to order food for free.

Cash In/Out: With Opay, you can find a nearby agent to cash in or cash out for unbanked users.

Betting: With Opay, you can fund your Bet9ja and SupaBet wallet.

 Hail A Bus (OBus): With Opay, you can hail a public bus from OBus for a safe, comfortable and affordable, which can aid payment and ease the stress of commuting (mostly in cities like Lagos).

Capital Investment (OWealth): You can use OPay’s investment platform OWealth for investment where you can invest as low as N500 and receive returns on your investment.

Get Loans (Okash): With the Opay App you can apply for loans and get them T&C applies.

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How To Start Using The Opay App

To start with the app, you must need and internet enabled smartphone then the following steps will follow;

Step 1: Download the App

The Opay app is available to both android and ios users. To download the app, go to your mobile device’s store and search for Opay click on it to download. For Android users, click here to download, for IOS users, click here to download.

Step 2: Fill The Form And Get Started

Once the app has been downloaded on your mobile device, open it and you’ll be presented with a form. Fill the form and get access to the amazing features of Opay to suite your daily lifestyle with easy accessibility and security

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