How To Optimize Your Windows 10 For Gaming- Process Tamer Method Included

Overtime, PC gaming has been what people love to do once they have a new PC amongst popular PC OS’ the Microsoft Windows has been one of the best when it comes to gaming, although most gamers love the Windows 10 version of the Operating system as it can be optimized for gaming. The aim of this article is to educate PC users on how well they can optimize their PC (with Windows 10 or any other OS).

How To Optimize Your Windows 10 For Gaming

The Windows 10 as said earlier is one of the gamers delight when it comes to gaming as it comes developed with DirectX 12 which is a program installed for gaming and most games require this program in order to run and operate efficiently and this is exactly what the Windows 10 offers, hence why gamers are in love with the operating system. Although, all these features are all that matters when it comes to gaming, there is still need to modify the PC in order to suite your gaming more comfortably. The following ways are the most efficient ways of optimizing your windows 10 for gaming;

Switch To Game Mode

The game mode setting is a recent setting added to the Windows 10 in order to suite gamers and it comes packed with some great and interesting features that would take gaming and gamers to a whole new level. With this setting you have the choice and option to choose the quality of graphics you want, record your game play and lots more. To access game mode, the following steps should be taken;

  • Press your windows key
  • On the search bar, type in “Game Mode”
  • Observe the list and choose game mode

Now you can tweak your device for your games.

The Use Of Process Tamer

Process tamer is a software that helps gamers and PC users optimize the game play of their system. The software works by giving you an option to direct where you want all your hardware resources to be centred upon (on the software) and vice versa. With this process tamer software, you can make use of the maximum capacity of your PC. Click here to install the process tamer software.

How To Use Process Tamer

  • After the download and installation of the software, launch the software
  • Once the software is launched, click on the prompt and allow access to PC
  • When the software is opened, you will see the processes running on you PC, minimize the software and launch your game
  • When your game is launched, minimize your game and go back to the process tamer software, there you will see the process of the game you just launched
  • On the top, you will see some tabs, take note of the priority tab
  • Still on the process tamer, go to the process of your already launched game and on the priority tab of the process, choose what you want your PC to do for the game. The priority ranges from Low to Realtime in order to make the game use all the available hardware resources your PC has you choose Realtime. The low priority is to make the game use less of the available resources, although there are intermediate priorities between the Low and Realtime, all you have to do is to choose the most convenient.

With process tamer optimizing your pc’s resources, you can play about any game.

Other Ways To Optimize Your PC For Gaming May Include;

  • Adjusting Visual Effects
  • Changing Network Settings For Faster Internet Speed
  • Checking And Installing Directx 12

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