PiggyVest Platform: Earn, Save And Invest For The Future

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PiggyVest is an online platform that in which users can save, invest and also earn. PiggyVest is the first online Savings and Investment platform in West Africa. It was first launched as Piggybank.ng in 2016 as a savings-only platform.

For 3 years they offered only savings to their users. Then in 2019, Piggybank.ng rebranded to the infamous PiggyVest and then began to offer direct investment opportunities to its users in addition to savings.

Overtime, individuals have the problem of spending without caution. This is where Piggyvest comes into play. PiggyVest helps you save the funds that you would normally be tempted to spend recklessly.

PiggyVest is more like a bank but unlike banks, instead of taking charges from you they add to you via a percentage of the total amount in your account every month. This means you have a chance of earning interest up to 13% of your deposited amount per annum.

In other words, PiggyVest is a platform that helps individuals save for dry days and Invest for the future.

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Some of the features of piggyvest are as follows;                      

  1. Automatic Savings (Piggybank): This is a feature that is set on your terms in which a certain amount would be deducted from your account daily, week or monthly and become part of your savings. You can also save as you go and as you like. In this feature you have the opportunity to earn an interest of up to 10% of your total savings per annum. You also have the chance to set your withdrawal days using this feature.
  2. Target Savings (Targets): This is a feature that helps you save with discipline towards a goal, dream or target i.e Saving for; rent, car, vacation a new laptop, vacation, etc… PiggyVest can help you achieve this dreams/goals and more. With this feature, family and friend can come together to save towards a common goal and there are no limits on the number of savings groups one can join or create and no one has access to the funds but you. With this feature, you are eligible to earn part of your 10% per annum everyday to help you reach your target.
  3. Safelock: This feature is more like the fixed deposit in which banks offer but better as it can be customised by you. It is a feature that helps you set aside money for a fixed period of time without having assess to it until maturity. You can set your lock duration to as little as 10 days or as much as 1000 days. With this feature, you are opportuned to earn 6% to 15.5% of your total savings…its quite better than what bank offer these days.
  4. Flexible Savings (Flex Naira and Flex Dollar): This serves as a bank account given to you by PiggyVest as it comes with an account number and gives you the ability flexibly make transfers and withdrawals freely. With this feature, you are not saving to avoid spending but you are saving and keeping in case of emergencies hence why it is called flexible savings. With this feature, you can earn up to 10% in interest per annum which is paid as interest to you every month.
  5. Investify: This is a feature that helps you to invest in pre-vetted low-medium risk primary and secondary investment opportunities easily with any amount you have an no hidden charges/fees. The investment opportunities range from things like; agriculture, real estate, transportation, commercial papers etc. With this feature, you have the opportunity to earn up to 25% of your investment per annum.

Note that Piggyvest doest take any transaction fee whatsoever as your conventional bank does. that is why Piggyvest is better. It is also important to note that the name of the bank Piggyvest operates is ‘Providus Bank’.

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How To Register On The PiggyVest Platform To Start Earning, Saving and Investing

The get access to PiggyVest, all you need is an internet enabled smartphone or computer.

Method 1

To download the app click here and you’ll see a page like the one below; create an account directly on the platform or click your device type in order to download from the store.

Piggyvest platform


Method 2

Go to your device’s app store and search for piggyvest

Click on install and wait till it has finished installing


Method 3

To download for android click here

To download for ios click here

After downloading or visiting the site, do well to register, get familiar with the interface, start saving and investing to have a brighter future.

Note: If you use the first method of downloading/registering, you stand a chance of earning ₦1000.

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