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How to Reduce the Amount of Data Used in Google Meet

Google Meet has become a fundamental piece of regular day to day existences. In any case, one thing you might’ve seen about the platform is the weighty data usage That is commonplace of each video calling stage.

In case you’re worried about debilitating your month to month data bundle because of Google Meet, there is an answer for you. Here’s the way to decrease reduce use in Google Meet calls.

How Much Data Does Google Meet Use?

Video conferencing platforms burn-through loads of data, and Google Meet is no special case. On the off chance that your working environment or school utilizes Google Meet consistently, odds are it is one of the great information use applications on your gadget.

Yet, what amount of data does Google Meet use in any case? Shockingly, Google hasn’t indicated exact figures freely. In any case, the organization has some transmission capacity necessities for HD or SD quality video while settling on decisions.

For HD video calls, Google suggests an inertness of an under 50ms latency Outbound signs should be 3.2 Mbps, while inbound signs ought to be essentially 2.6 Mbps. That amounts to 2.61 GB each hour.

For SD video quality, Google suggests an latency of under 100ms, a base transmission capacity necessity of 1Mbps for both outbound and inbound signs. That implies Google Meet will burn-through 0.9 GB for 60 minutes.

Yet, genuine Google Meet data utilization will fluctuate contingent upon the quantity of members, the sort of gadget utilized, and network conditions.

How to Reduce Data Usage in Google Meet

Realizing how to lessen Google Meet data utilization is helpful in various circumstances. One, it can set aside you money in case you’re on a restricted data plan. Also, it’s convenient on the off chance that you have a helpless association in your space or your network is having issues while in a gathering.

How about we learn how to lessen information utilization in Google Meet on Android, iOS, and the web.

Reduce Google Meet Data Usage on Android

⦁ Launch Google Meet.
⦁ Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left.
⦁ Select Settings and toggle on Limit data usage.

Reduce Google Meet Data Usage on iPhone

⦁ Launch Google Meet app.
⦁ Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left.
⦁ Select Settings and choose one of your Google accounts under Accounts.
⦁ Next, toggle on Limit data usage.

Reduce Google Meet Data Usage on Web

When you’re in a meeting, tap the three-spot button at the base. Then, select Settings and snap Video from the left sidebar menu. Snap Auto under Send resolution and select Standard definition.

Moreover, you can change Receive resolution from Auto to some other alternative. Select Standard definition for negligible data savings, and Audio only for maximum data savings.

In spite of the fact that you should be in a video call to restrict information use on your PC, these settings will be recalled in your next Google Meet call.

Use Google Meet in Audio-Only Mode

Video is the primary guilty party behind Google Meet’s high data use. As you have seen from the above area, Limit data use centers around diminishing video quality.

Yet, for considerably more savings, you ought to altogether wind down your video if excessive. Also, if everybody, with the exception of the moderator, handicaps their camera, Google Meet will utilize even less information.

You can flip Google Meet to not utilize video by tapping the video symbol on web, Android, or iOS while in a gathering. You can likewise impair video on the join screen prior to entering a call.

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