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It has been discovered that financial exclusion is one of the reasons why people are in extreme poverty. In order to eliminate this, the Central Bank of Nigeria has set an eighty percent (80%) financial inclusion rate target which the country must reach by 2020. With this, the financial exclusion rate will be reduced to twenty percent (20%). In order to reach this target, the traditional banking method which a lot of people are used to will not be sufficient, in some areas, especially rural areas, the physical banks will not be able to penetrate, so the intervention of digital banking and mobile money will be needed to help reach this target. In this article, we will enlighten you on Rubies bank complete review.

Rubies Bank Complete Review

Before we go fully into rubies bank complete review, let us discuss a little about rubies bank and digital banking. In order to help boost the process of Nigeria’s financial inclusion, rubies bank was introduced as it’s full digital banking platform. Now do not mistake a digital bank for a bank’s mobile app, a digital bank is a specialized type of bank that helps provide financial services via digital means. If you are a customer of any digital bank you will be able to access some banking services like withdrawal, payment of bills, cash deposit, transfers, investment managements and loans too. You can access all these services through mobile apps, websites USSD codes, ATMs and POS terminal.

Since we already know the basics of rubies bank and digital banking, we can go into rubies bank complete review. Unlike all other digital banks in Nigeria, Rubies bank has a feature that lets any of its customers become an autonomous banker. If you are an autonomous banker you will earn money every time anyone you referred to rubies bank makes a transaction. N21 only is the transaction cost for interbank transfers when using rubies bank, while all other traditional banks transaction cost is N52 for interbank transfers.

What are the Features of Rubies bank?

Rubies bank has some unique features which all of its customers are entitled to. Below are some of the features.

  • Personalized account number – you can use your mobile number as your account number.
  • Free ATM card with any name you prefer, like your nickname plus free delivery.
  • Money request – you can request money from anyone, whether they owe you or you’re expecting money from them, all you need to do is request and once they confirm it your account will be credited.
  • Proximity transfer – you can now use Bluetooth to transfer money to someone that is nearby.

Digital banks come with speed, it is more convenient and it also saves costs. They save you the stress of going to banks too.

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