Sell on – How to Sell on | Global Naija | sell on – Digital marketing is something that has come to stay in our world of business today. Thanks to the internet, anyone can pick up their mobile phone, search for an item, place an order for this item and get it in no time. While that may be true, it’s always preferable to buy from trusted online stores within your region, and today, we shall be talking about no other but, one of Nigeria’s top online boutique.

Sell on – How to Sell on | Global Naija is an online boutique where Nigerians can get virtually everything they need. This e-commerce site makes it very easy for people to get anything they want online. Some category of items you can get online include Electronics, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Sport and Fitness, Business, Jobs, Children and many more. It’s even better now that the site is providing a platform where people can sell on global which we shall still be discussing shortly.

There are a good number of reasons why people aim to sell on, one of such reasons includes the fact that their products will be widely patronized from people far and wide, and their products show up anytime anything related to what they sell is searched within that region, which is definitely good for business.

How to sell on

Just like every other eCommerce site, it’s almost very mandatory to have an account registered with the site in order to get the best of the site, and here’s how to open an account on

•             Ensure you have an active internet connection on your device

•             On any preferred web browser on your smartphone or desktop, log on to their website at

•             On the homepage, select the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your screen.

•             If you don’t have a Globalnaija account, you may want to open one by selecting “login “, then scroll down a little, you’ll see the ‘register’ option, enter your email address then select ‘register’

After opening an account and still wish to go ahead to open a seller’s account, here’s how you do that:

1.            On the homepage, click in the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your screen

2.            Select “Become A Seller”

3.            You start with your vendor registration form by filling in your email address.

4.            Then your payment information- Bank name, Account name and Account number.

5.            Enter your store details in the next section after your bank information. Your store details include the description of your store, contact phone number, address, country, state, city.

After these, you may click on “register”, a confirmation link will be sent to your email address, go ahead and confirm it, and there you have it, you’ve already succeeded in opening a Globalnaija seller’s account.

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