Spotify Is Bringing Its Own Wake Word for Voice Assistance

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Spotify is working on new feature on its own wake word to let clients control their music playback with voice commands. The new wake phrase feature only works when the Spotify app is open.

Spotify Is Bringing Its Own Wake Word for Voice Assistance

New Wake Word “Hey Spotify”

According to GSM Arena, which say the feature first, saying the wake word “Hey Spotify” to your app will do anything you ask it to. Simple make your request after the phrase regarding artist, album, or song you want to listen to.

Since it hasn’t been lanched fully yet, this feature might take some time to get to you. But get ready world your music is about to get “Spotified”. Remember, this new feature must be manually turned on in the Spotify settings for it work.

Spotify’s Wake Word: Privacy and More

Unlike Google’s and Apple’s assistants completely control by an operating system, Spotify is just as mucis app. You must follow the conditns below in order to use the Spotify wake word:

  • The screen of your mobile device needs to be turned on.
  • The Spotify app must be running.
  • You must grant Spotify permission to access your device’s microphone.

Users are beginnignt to show concern about theier privacy because saying “Hey Spotify” requires that the software keeps listening for the wake word and that’s the reason the app must be kept open and the screen of your device turned on.

According to the company, the feature oly uploads recordings of the wake word followed by your voice request. “Audio will only be recorded after we hear ‘Hey Spotify’,” clarifies a prompt in the app. “Your voice input and other information will be sent to Spotify.”

A New Assistant On Spotify

Do not mistake this feature for the assistants you have on your device. “Hey Spotify” only works inside the app and not for your phone entirely. Spotify can also be used via an external voice assistant like Google Assistant and Siri, but many people are totally oblivious to that feature.

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