Tenta Browser – How the Tenta Application Works | How to Get the Tenta Application

The Tenta application is a new browser that has a deep focus on the privacy of the user. Although, most of the browsers monetize their service through advertising and harvesting user data but Tenta does things differently. Tenta provides Open VPN within the browser so that users are completely secure. In addition, Tenta never stores user keys on any of its servers for extra security. In order to get an idea of how the incognito application works, then just imagine a browser and a VPN on incognito mode all rolled up into one.

Tenta Browser – How the Tenta Application Works | How to Get the Tenta Application

The Tenta application conveys the impression of being devoted to Providing the services for free and the fact that it is available without subscription is pretty awesome. So, in theory, it is an excellent application.

How the Tenta Application Works

most browsers don’t actually make you invisible while in incognito mode, leaving you open to monitoring from hackers and trackers. Tenta Browser offers true secure browsing, keeping your data private and secure from prying eyes. The application also helps to protect personal details in some other ways which include;

  • A secured personal pin that only you know. That means that no one can access your data without the correct pin.
  • The application has a true VPN, not proxies.  Ordinarily, an encrypted VPN tunnel securely connects you to the internet while hiding your IP address from hackers and trackers mostly.

How to Get the Tenta Application

The Tenta application is an android browser and so it is found only on the android play store, so even with all these amazing benefits about the Tenta application, it is not the IOS store yet.

However, this is how to get started in the Tenta application

Firstly, you download the browser app for free from the Google play store. Then you install the app. Once it’s installed, protect your browser data with encryption and pin code you know for only you to have access to your private data. Once all that is done, then you can start browsing

As Tenta is a browser, it can hold a lot of personal information – browsing and search history, bookmarks, downloaded data, emails and other contact information from an address book – but the policy states that none of this is collected or stored by the company. As a result of the genuineness of the app, you can now:

  • Safely access your email.
  • log in to your social media accounts, and keep up on domestic news.
  • Log into your bank account or other sensitive accounts.
  • Encrypt and secure sensitive work documents or financial information.

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