Twitter is launching a local weather service with a paid subscription

Twitter tells Axios it has launched a local weather service, Tomorrow, in 15 North American cities and the Dominican Republic. Climate journalist Eric Holthaus and 18 local meterologists will produce a mix of free and paid content to help you keep tabs on weather events and provide more insights.

Twitter is launching a local weather service with a paid subscription

While it’s not clear exactly what you’ll get for free, a $10 per month subscription will let you ask the meteorologists an unlimited number of questions with a guaranteed response. You’ll also get a weekly newsletter thanks to Revue as well as early access to podcasts and long-form news.

Product VP Mike Park told Axios that weather was a “perfect match” for Twitter, as many people use the platform to keep track of natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. It could be particularly helpful if authorities are struggling to provide important updates.

Of course, there are also very pragmatic reasons for Tomorrow’s existence. Like Tip Jar, Tomorrow could help Twitter reduce its dependence on ads even if only a handful of users subscribe. For free users, meanwhile, this could be an incentive to keep coming back if existing weather sources just aren’t enough. The question, of course, is whether this will truly compete with your local news outlet or other dedicated weather providers — $10 per month is a lot to ask if you only occasionally want more than the forecast.

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