Twitter Marketing – Strategies For Winning in Twitter Market Place

Twitter marketing strategy is a design concerned with the creation, publishing and distributing subject matter to your buyers, followers, and audience via social media terrace. The aim of this marketing strategy is to get the attention of new followers, increase sales, improve the recognition of your brand and boost communications.

Twitter Marketing

If you want to create a Twitter marketing strategy, you will the same steps used in creating other social media strategy and this includes;

  • Make a research on your buyers and audience.
  • Make sure your contents are attracting and unique.
  • Arrange a particular time for your posts.
  • Make an analysis of your results.

Twitter is a very good marketing tool with these good reasons:

  • It lets you promote and share branded content without wasting time.
  • It grants access to supply support and customer service quickly.
  • You can use it freely.
  • It can be used as a search engine tool to enable you to check for your opponents and their contents for marketing so you will know the strategy they are using.
  • It can also be used as a search engine tool for you to learn more about your company.
  • Grants you access to share your company’s recent updates and communicate with your followers.


  1. Personalize and symbolize your profile.
  2. Ensure to make use of the twitter moment.
  3. Always advertise on twitter.
  4. You also need to host a twitter chat.
  5. Make sure you make twitter lists.
  6. You will need to be verified on twitter.
  7. Build your followers.

Once you start using Twitter for marketing, you will need to take some steps to make sure you get the amount of audience you targeted for. These steps include;


This allows whoever is going through your company’s profile to automatically know that it’s yours. With this, you will need to customize the profile your logo and any other that is recognizable.

  • HANDLE: this is like your twitter username and it should include your business’s name so that your customers or followers can easily find and reach you.
  • BIO: this gives brief information to whoever visits your profile.
  • PROFILE PICTURE: this should represent your company.

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