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Wakanow.com is a Nigerian based online traveling company/agency which enables its users to search for, select and do bookings for travel destinations. Using Wakanow is accompanied with an enjoyable experience thanks to some interesting features on the website which we will be highlighting shortly. Wakanow is simply set up to give you an amazing traveling experience. Using Wakanow ensures your traveling is as easy as can be.


Wakanow happens to be the first online traveling agency in Nigeria, established in the year 2008. Although Wakanow was established in 2008 its full operation unfolded in 2010. Since then, Wakanow has proved itself times without number to become one of the leading traveling online agencies in Nigeria, providing its users with top-class convenience in traveling affairs.

As we will come to see later on, there’s much more to Wakanow other than an online traveling platform due to the various services offered on the website, such as the pay small small feature. This feature, for instance, allows customers to pay in installments over a given period of time, thereby making it much more convenient to afford.

Services on Wakanow

Wakanow, as stated earlier, is designed for your convenience in traveling, here are the services offered by Wakanow when you pay a visit to their website.


As with any online traveling agency, flight booking is the primary function of Wakanow. Wherever you are in the world, so long as there is an Internet connection in your location, simply visit the site, in it you would find a listing of various countries and destination of your interest. Wakanow is affiliated with various international airlines such as Qatar airways, British airways, KLM Royal Dutch airlines, just to highlight but a few amongst many others.

Should you also be interested in local travel within your current country, Wakanow also caters for that. You would find therein the appropriate airlines required for your travel, such as the local ones.


How about making hotel reservations in whatever country it is you’ve elected? Wakanow makes room for that as well. You can also compare price rates between hotels to find the right room for your budget.


Pay small small puts into consideration aspiring travelers who cannot afford the total cost of travel at once. So, you are presented with an option to pay in intervals over a given duration until you complete the payment. However, you first have to pay 25% of the whole cost to be eligible for the pay small small package.


The wakanow travel card is just like your normal visa or master card that you can use in the country you are traveling to. This ensures you ease of making payments and purchases on the go. And just like visa and master card, it can also be used for online transactions. There are also additional benefits to the Wakanow card such as lower transaction costs and some bonuses when used on the Wakanow website.


The Wakanow SIM card operates in a similar fashion to the Wakanow travel card. Like the Wakanow travel card, the Wakanow SIM card makes it easier to reach family and friends in international countries with your mobile phone. It’s preloaded with airtime for placing calls and data for browsing the internet.

Booking flights on Wakanow is easy. Wakanow is also a cheap online traveling agency, whatever it is your demand for a standard online traveling agency, you can find on Wakanow. Its customer services are great and you get to receive certain bonuses available for Wakanow customers. Visit Wakanow today at wakanow.com to book your next flight.

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