WhatsApp Vs Your Phone: Simple Ways To Optimize Your Mobile Phone’s Memory Space And Avoid Losing Your WhatsApp Data

There comes a time when our Mobile phone’s memory gets filled up to the point whereby the WhatsApp application on our phone gets subjected to freeing up some memory space in order to store new incoming information thereby deleting old data to store up new information. You will agree with me that most times this is frustrating as you were not warned about it and the loss of the previous data came as a shock and surprise. Yes, all this is due to insufficient space in your mobile device’s memory. You may say aah but I have a memory card that isn’t even used up to its capacity. It is important to know that all information concerning applications on your device are stored in the mobile device’s internal memory. This actually started from android version 5 as android version 4 users have the ability to save data and information concerning applications on their external memory. Not to bore with details, lets go straight to the simple ways to optimize your phone’s memory and avoid losing your WhatsApp data.

1.  Deleting Un-necessaries

There are two types of un-necessaries here. They are general un-necessaries and WhatsApp un-necessaries.

General Un-necessaries

Most times our phone memory is crowded with a lot of unnecessary stuffs like apps apk (application’s raw files), photos, videos, temp files, thumbnails etc. It is important to note that all this data crowding up on the mobile device’s memory affects the performance of the device and it is of utmost importance that some of these files are deleted, optimized or backed up to an external storage device such as a memory card or a Usb.

One of the ways to accurately identify the unnecessary files and delete them is by the use of certain file explorer applications. I strongly recommend the use of Es file explorer as it has a way of analyzing your device’s space, showing you the un-necessaries and giving you an option to delete/optimize the un-necessaries once you click on the analyse tab on the application. To get this go to your device’s play-store to download it or you can simply click here to download it (For Android Users). Ios Users can manually search for it.

Another way to clear up space on your mobile phone is to clear certain apps data or cache. Sometimes we use apps to the extent that they start taking up more memory space than required on our mobile phone. The easy way to clear up this data is to;

Go to your phone’s settings

Click on apps

Apps setting on android

Here you’ll see apps that have used up large chunks of your phone’s memory space, click on any of the apps (In this case, we’ll deal with chrome)

App Setting on Android

Click on Storage

Chrome on App setting

Click on manage storage (In some apps you’ll see clear data)

Chrome Manage space on app setting

And you’ll see this menu that’ll give you an option to clear up unnecessary data and most times necessary data so it’s your choice to choose whether to clear them or not.

Google chrome storage menu

Note that: This option may clear up useful data from your device’s memory so I’ll advice you do this for apps like; Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, messenger, YouTube, Adobe, internet browsers and apps that have to do with online accounts but not WhatsApp. Do not do this for WhatsApp or your mobile phone games (Except there is an Online backup of the game or the game is an online game that needs log in before game play). And before doing all these make sure you are sure of the password of your various accounts on this apps

After you’re done with the manage space/clear data menu, go back and click on clear cache

clear cache on chrome

All these will inevitably free up space from your Phone’s memory

WhatsApp Un-Necessaries

WhatsApp un-necessaries come from the WhatsApp application. Yes, there are WhatsApp un-necessaries. This consists of data that may not be needed by you from the WhatsApp application. It is your duty to Identify them and deal with them these ranges from photos to videos to audio files and text messages that become redundant after their first use. It is your duty to sort them out and delete them from your device; either directly from your WhatsApp application or in your mobile phone’s gallery.

Among all these, my main concern here is the WhatsApp database files. WhatsApp database files are files created by WhatsApp for the sake of backup but most times they are redundant because they have no useful function. These WhatsApp database files fill up the device’s memory and it is important to note that most of the database files are redundant to locate these database files. Here are the steps to locate and eliminate these files

Go to your file explorer and click internal storage. On the internal storage, click on the folder the folder named WhatsApp

whatsapp folder on file manager

Click on the databases folder

Whatsapp databases folder in file explorer

And here you’ll see all those files which are basically not needed with file format, .crypt12 eating up your device’s memory now all you have to do is honourably delete them to create space on your mobile device.

Whatsapp databases in file explorer

 These files are created everyday automatically by your WhatsApp application so I’d advice that you delete them in bulk once a week to create space on your device and avoid your WhatsApp data being cleared up automatically.

2. Backing Up Your WhatsApp Data

Backing up your WhatsApp data is very necessary. But sometimes most of us would argue that it is very ambiguous because of the amount of mobile data required to do so. I would advise that you backup your WhatsApp data on weekly basis to avoid accumulation of data that leads to the requirement of large internet data for back up.

To backup your WhatsApp data, go to your WhatsApp application and click on this;

Whatsapp menu

On the drop-down menu click on settings

Settings on Whatsapp

Then click on chats

Chat settings on Whatsapp

Then click on chat backup

Chat back-up on whatsapp

Then click on backup wait a while why your WhatsApp backs-up to your e-mail.

Thank you for reading; I know with this you will be able to create more space on your device and avoid getting frustrated with your WhatsApp data automatically clearing on its own due to insufficient space.

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