Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – The Facebook New Look

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook – There is currently a new and updated version of Facebook for both Desktop and Mobile users. Most of us keep making use of Facebook daily but haven’t observed the simplicity with which you can make use of the platform now. So long as you’ve been used to the previous version, you won’t find it hard using the new Facebook

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook

Welcome to a Fresh Simpler Facebook

This is fresh and updated version of the Facebook platform gives it a whole new user experience. Facebook’s new updates isn’t just about the looks because this is where people are getting it all wrong. You may not notice the changes in the user interface but truly speaking, if you go through Facebook very well, you going to be in awe about the things you will discover.

NOTE: It is easier to observe this new update on mobile than it is on desktop.

The Facebook New Update

This update came with unique features which are entirely new and gives you the following:

  • A fresh group feature experience which aids users easily discover groups.
  • There are even more personalized activity feeds on all the groups.
  • Recommendation on groups to join are even made easier with the new discovery tool.
  • It comes with the Facebook dating service which serves as match maker for people in need of a date or relationship (Not available in all countries still).
  • In the Facebook Marketplace, users have been given new feature which helps them ship items anywhere in the United States of America.
  • In FB Marketplace, updates where made on the payment procedure (Users can now pay on Facebook directly).

Fresh Simpler Facebook on Desktop

On desktop, certain amazing changes were made which makes the platform more users friendly. It has an even better look with the tabs being redesigned and rescheduled. Its dark mode features also come with more beautiful, fresher and bolder look. Although, it is important to note that the version is still being tested but Facebook grants users the permission to switch back to the formal version (Classic Facebook) if need be.

How to Switch from Classic to New Facebook

Once a new update is done on Facebook, users are being notified and directed to do their update. This is the usual the way Facebook does it. If you don’t get a notification for the new update, follow the steps below to switch to the new Facebook:

  • Simply login your Facebook account
  • At the top of your Facebook page, click on the drop-down menu arrow
  • Click Switch to the New Facebook tab from the menu

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