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Block chain technology is a type of new day technology that allows users to store records in blocks, these blocks are linked using cryptography, a blockchain is resistant to the change of the data. It is an open ledger that can record transactions between two parties in a well-organized and in a fixed and permanent way.

What is Block Chain Technology

Blockchain technology is a modern way of storage of data and because of how it’s set up, basically data is collected and it’s stored in a block that is connected to other blocks. The blocks are in sort of a tree form, which can also be called in chronological order. Genesis Block is the first block in the blockchain.

 Features of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is a type of storage unit that has just been introduced not long ago, this system of storage allows for users to be able to enjoy the very secure storage of files. They are mostly used by companies that deal with the handling of serious information. These are some of the major features of blockchain technology.

  • Blockchain technology cannot be corrupted, because of the way it is set up this blockchain technology can’t be corrupted, that is why they can be used by big companies with ease. blockchain technology also uses a decentralized technology which means that all the technology Isn’t concentrated at the center.
  • Blockchain technology allows users to have enhanced security with their documents or files that are being stored online because it doesn’t have any central authority it makes it safer for users to use it. Because of how it is set up it’s made to be better than the traditional banking systems.

Blockchain technology allows has been having rapid usage in recent times the awareness has doubled and more and more people are getting interested in using it , people are mainly interested in the security it offers for their documents or files that are stored on the platform because of how the blockchain is set up it’s very hard to break in.

How to Use Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has been having rapid growth of recent a lot of people are interested in using the platform for storing important files and documents. Although this technology has been available for some time it just became of high usage recently since hackers became more and more better. This are the steps to use the blockchain technology

  1. Open web browser
  2. Open the blockchain website https://www.blockchain.com
  3. Select which of the features you want to use.

These are the steps to use blockchain technology, users can start securing their documents online through the secure blockchain.

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