Why Is Facebook Avatar The Best Feature For Easter 2021?

We’re all aware of the fun packed activities that comes with Easter. As a matter of fact, Facebook has decided to make it even better. It would in your best interest to create an account now if you don’t own on already. For starters, there are lots of features on the platform that would be really helpful this time of the year.

You have Game room, Watch, Dating and so much more. However, the most important of them all is the Avatar feature. Created in form of cartoons, these avatars were build to mimic human looks and how they behave.

Why Is Facebook Avatar The Best Feature For Easter 2021?

What Are Facebook Avatars

Facebook avatars was introduced to us sometime last year, and it has been amazing ever since. This feature can be used in place of emoji and stickers to represent human feelings and emotions.

How to Create Easter Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatars can be created by following these easy steps:

⦁ Simply log in to your Facebook account.

⦁ On your home page, click on the Hamburger menu icon.

⦁ Scroll and click on see more.

⦁ Tap on Avatar.

⦁ Begin to create your cartoon.

Why Is Avatar The Best This Easter?

Avatars been proven to be a multipurpose feature. Not only can it be used in chats, it can also be used to reply comments, it can be used as your display picture or you can simply create it and send it to someone as a gift.

Where Can I Use Facebook Easter Avatar?

When Facebook created this feature it didn’t limit its users from using it else where. You can share your Easter avatars on WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Just have fun while creating it and I wish you a very happy Easter.

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