You Will Soon Be Able to Reopen Closed Tab Groups With A Click

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It seems restoring closed tabs can be a challenging task for many users who aren’t familiar with some keyboard shot cuts.

Its not easy to maintain a lot of tabs a the same time but Goolge Chrome users are now being offered a feature that reopens all tabss in a tab group with a single click.

You Will Soon Be Able to Reopen Closed Tab Groups With A Click

How Do We Open Tabs Presently

At the moment, if you need to reopen your tabs in a tab group, you need to open each tab one after the other. You can’t do it with a single click.

You’ll have to go over to the history menu and click each tab individually to restore them in your Chrome window.

Relaunch Tabs in a Tab Group With a Single Click

According to the Reddit users who first spotted this feature, Google is launching a new feature to help you restore all closed tabs in a tab group with one push of a button.

The Chromium Gerrit code note says:

“This CL creates a new TabRestore entry type for tab groups. Then, when a user right-clicks on a group header and chooses “Close Group”, the group entry is stored as a single item. The group will then restore as a unit, similar to windows.”

At this point in time we have no idea when Google is going to roll out this feaure but we hope its soon.

How to Reopen All Tabs in a Tab Group in Chrome

If you’ve installed Chrome Canary on your computer, you can start using this feature right away. This feature comes enabled by default and so you don’t need to head into any settings to turn it on.

To use this feature in Chrome Canary:

  • Click the three dots in the top-right corner of the Chrome window.
  • Hover your mouse over History.
  • Find the tab group you want to restore and click it. Alternatively, press the Ctrl + Shift + T keyboard shortcut.

All the tabs in your selected tab group will be restored.

Presently, there’s is no way to actually turn off this feature. However, we hope to see a option that would let us toggle this option on and off in future updates.

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