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Last time, I wrote about Zamob games and I’m sure most of you guys were excited about it now, I’ll be writing on Zamob Videos. Recently, trying to access the Zamob website has been a problem for some people, well this is because the Zamob website link has been changed and in order to access it, you need to read more of this article.

zamob videos

Zamob is a website known for the download of videos, movies, game, application, wallpapers and themes all for your mobile device. Most people take the word video to mean movie but instead, movie is a type of video and videos may include; cartoons, skits, music videos and any other motion picture one can come across. Earlier on I mentioned that the Zamob link; that is the URL has been changed. Before, it was simply but now it has turned out to be

How To Get Access To Zamob Videos

The website Zamob, is a home to tv series, movies, games, applications and lots more. to get access to the site, all you need is an internet enabled device with an internet browser. Asides this, there is nothing more needed to get access to the website. Once you’ve gotten access to the aforementioned, you can then proceed with the following steps;

  • Using your web browser, visit, it works for all web browsers
  • On the website’s homepage, click on video from the categories listed
  • As said earlier there are different types and categories of videos which are; cartoons, movies, music videos and lots more. On this next page you’ll be required to select the one of your choice select the sub category and you’ll be led to a next page
  • On this page, all you have to do is search and select the video you want to download and  be sure to have clicked on the right sub category in order not to get a mix up of the video you intend to download.

Using the above steps, you are not to miss your way whenever you want to download a movie from the Zamob website. And remember that Zamob is not only for Zamob videos but there’re other variants like Zamob games and lots more. Be sure to use the Zamob website to its full potential.

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