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The Zelle application is a swift, easy and comfortable way to send and receive money to and from friends, family and close associates who you trust. The money can be received by you, your friends and family in preferred bank accounts in minutes. It’s the same as the normal transfer of money from one bank account to another and the money is received by the recipient in minutes. So far, the platform only exists in the United States of America and it was created to ease the transaction of money on-the-go.  The Zelle application can be accessed by mobile devices and it can also be accessed in your bank app.

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Zelle Application

The Zelle application is a payment processing network created by some of the largest American banks. Over the years, technologist have tried their possible best to come up with different ways and means to make life better and easier for people, the Zelle application is one of those ways. Formerly known as ClearXchange, Zelle’s function is to move money from one bank to another.

Some of the best features of the Zelle application is as follows;

  • Fast Transactions: It doesn’t matter whether you are setting up IOU’s or splitting the cost of takeout, you can send money to someone you trust in matter of minutes and most times seconds and they will receive it directly in their account.
  • Safe Transactions: With Zelle, your money your transactions are safe from the moment you click on send to the moment the receiver receives the money.
  • Easy Transaction: Ease is what we all aim for when we are involved in any transaction. It is in our nature to like and love something that’s easy and with Zelle, every transaction is easy and smooth with no lapses.

Zelle Application reduces the need to run to the ATM or mail a check in order to send money across to others, this is because Zelle is connected to your bank account after registration on the Zelle Platform. With Zelle being supported by many banks in the United States of America, there are still some banks that are left out of support by Zelle.

How Zelle Works

As earlier mentioned, Zelle can be accessed through your bank or credit union. To check if your bank offers Zelle, simply;

  • Go to the Zelle web page at Zelle.
  • Click on “Get Started” on the top right corner. This will display a list of banks and credit unions that offers Zelle.

Once you find your bank or credit union, you can then enroll and start using Zelle to send and receive money.

  • Click on your bank and then click on “CONTINUE TO YOUR BANK” and follow the instruction promptly and carefully to enroll.

To enroll means to register your bank account on Zelle using your phone number and email address.

To send money through Zelle can be done with just a few steps. You can do this either through your banking app, the Zelle web page, or the Zelle mobile app. Carefully follow the steps below to learn how.

  • Log in to the Zelle platform via your mobile app, banking app, or web page.
  • Choose your recipient.
  • Impute the amount you are transferring.
  • Select your funding bank account.
  • Always recheck all the details you have imputed and then send.
  • The recipient instantly receives an email or text message with instructions on how to receive the transfer.

The transfer is automatically deposited into the recipient’s account in a matter of minutes. If the recipient is not registered with Zelle or their bank does not support Zelle, the recipient would be prompted with a one-time setup and would be directed on how to receive the transfer into their account.

Zelle Transfer Limit

Just as money transactions go, there is a limit to how much can be transacted in a day, week, or month. Although Zelle has no limit to the number and amount of transfer made, the banks do. This means that the amount you can send through Zelle depends on your bank as each bank has its own set of Zelle transfer limits.

Here are some of the banks sending limits;

Bank of America

Sending Limit in a day- $3,500

Sending limit in a week- $10,000

The sending limit in a month- $20,000

Chase (personal checking)

Sending Limit in a day- $2,000

Sending limit in a week- $14,000

The sending limit in a month- $16,000

Chase (Private Client)

Sending Limit in a day- $5,000

Sending limit in a week- $35,000

The sending limit in a month- $40,000


Sending Limit in a day- $5,000

Sending limit in a week- $15,000

The sending limit in a month- $15,000


Sending Limit in a day- $1,000

Sending limit in a week- $7,000

The sending limit in a month- $5,000

TD Bank

Sending Limit in a day- $2,500

Sending limit in a week- $10,000

The sending limit in a month- $10,000


Sending Limit in a day- $1,000

Sending limit in a week- $2,500

The sending limit in a month- $10,000

Wells Fargo

Sending Limit in a day- $2,500

Sending limit in a week- $17,000

The sending limit in a month- $20,000

However, if your bank does not offer Zelle, then your weekly send limit is $500.

Zelle App

Zelle has an app that is very user friendly. This app is supported by iOS and Android. The Zelle app can be easily downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Some of the advantages of the Zelle app are;

  • It can be used to send money on the go.
  • Uses biometrics for login as added security.
  • Request money through the app.
  • It can be used by banks that do not offer Zelle.

Benefits Of Using Zelle Application

There are great benefits to using Zelle to send and receive money. The benefits of using the Zelle platform include;

  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It is integrated with several banks.
  • No charges when sending money.
  • Zero percent instant withdrawal fee.
  • Fastest available transfer speed/ instant transfer
  • Free withdrawal speed is up to three (3) business days.
  • Payment is done from your bank account
  • Money is received through your bank account
  • This platform is supported by the iOS app, android app, and browser.

Some of the limitations of Zelle that one should watch out for are;

  • It can only be used in the United States and for account registered in the country too.
  • Only operates directly from your bank account and not via credit cards.
  • At least a smartphone is required to operate Zelle.
  • There is no sending protection. Once the send is hit, there is no reverse.

As easy, quick, and safe as it can be, one still has to be a bit more careful when sending money. This is why it is used to send money to trusted people. If you mistakenly send money to the wrong person or send the wrong amount, you cannot get it back via Zelle unless the recipient sends it back.

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