How To Activate Free Mode on Facebook: Free Facebook

Free mode on Facebook is an option on Facebook that gives you the opportunity to go on Facebook without the use of data (With no data). The reason for this is to allow you access the Facebook platform without any form of excuse.

Although the Facebook free mode is good, it has some limitations and the limitation is the access to media data. This means that when you’re on the free mode, you cannot access things like photos or videos or audios. Its strictly limited to text and text only. So, it Is safe to say that the Facebook free mode is a text-only mode.

The aim of the free mode is to engage the interest of users and encourage more users to join on. Notwithstanding, there are basically two modes in which users can access the Facebook app; either by data mode or by free mode.

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Facebook Data Mode And Free Mode

This is an absolute variety in which Facebook has provided its users with on their platform and it is a way of giving the users assurance that even without data subscription they can still have fun like every other person on the app.

The Facebook data mode is a mode that requires the use of internet subscription or data. Once you login, you’re welcomed into the Facebook platform with the use of this internet subscription that you have. This mode gives you access to all media available on the Facebook platform. Whereas the free mode as earlier discussed, is more like the exact opposite and it needs to be activated before it can be used. It is also said to be useful in case of emergencies especially when you’re out of internet subscription.

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How to Setup The Free Mode On Facebook

First Of, to get access to the Facebook, you need to have an internet enabled smartphone (Android or IOS) with the Facebook app installed in it.

Once you have access to the aforementioned, all you need to do is to log into your account. Once logged in, whether you have data or not you’ll see a sign at the top right corner saying “Go to Free” if you’re in data mode, you’ll see “Data Mode” at the top left corner and “Go to Free” at the extreme right just like the picture shown below.

Facebook go to free

All you have to do is click on “Go to Free” and you’ll be asked to verify your action. Once your action is verified, you’ll find yourself using Facebook for free in the free mode.

I hope with this you’ll be able to enjoy your time on Facebook without internet limitations and get the best from the Facebook network.

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