How to Download and Install Instagram Beta App for iOS Devices – Step by Step

I am sure you may be wondering what Instagram Beta App is. A lot of times, Insta users get curious about the release of the latest version of their favorite app (Instagram). Everyone wants to be ahead in terms of getting information about new software, hardware, or just anything.

How to Download and Install Instagram Beta App for iOS Devices

Instagram Beta app is the version of Instagram sent to developers. This is the early version of the Instagram app which gets reviewed by developers before it actually gets released. All application has its pre-leased versions (Beta app). Although, not just developers gain access to the early version of the soon to be released app. This is more like a test which is used to get users’ opinion about the recent development. That is, the essence of the Beta app is to check out how users react to the app update. As said earlier, not only developers can access this. So long as you want to get an update about the Instagram Beta app, all you need do is join the beta program to be one of the testers.

Instagram Beta App for iOS Device Requirements

The first thing to do if you desire to be ahead of your friends on the latest development with the IG App, you are required to join the Beta group. After testing this app, users are required to give feet back about what they think. Instagram Beta App allows users to completely go through what the latest Insta app version would be like. To start enjoying firsthand information about Instagram, the Beta will require you do the following:

  • Make use of your account
  • Replace your Instagram App with the Instagram Beta App

Download and Install Instagram Beta App for iOS Devices

Follow the steps below to download and install this app:

  • On the Apple Beta page, click “Sign Up”
  • Register using your Apple ID
  • Login the Beta software program
  • On the page displayed click “Enroll Your iOS device”
  • On your device visit
  • Download and Install your configuration profile
  • In “Settings” under “General”, you will find your Beta version

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